Meet Our Team

At MAC, we are heavily dependent on high-end equipment and automated machinery to deliver the quality of work we produce which eliminates the necessity for a large physical workforce. As a result, for optimal performance we have adopted the following chain to effectively conduct business:

Mr. Rudra Balramsingh
Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O), MBa.

“As founder and CEO of this company, I consider this establishment to be like my child, as over the years I’ve nurtured it, strived sleepless nights and toiled for it to flourish into the empire that it has become today. Graphic design has always been my passion and to be granted the opportunity to transform my passion into my job, I believe is probably my greatest blessing. It is said that if you do something you truly love, you will never work a day in your life.

Which is exactly why I’ve embedded this notion into the culture of my organization in the attempt to produce outstanding results. For I believe if my employees are happy and enjoying their work, my customers will receive the real benefits of them through our performance”

Ms. Reshma Balramsingh
Operations Manager, MBA., BA (hons) HRM.

“I strongly believe an organization will not succeed if they cannot consistently deliver their goods and services to their consumers within the given requirements. At Mischief, we pride ourselves on quality and therefore it is my duty to ensure our clientele receive products nothing less than satisfactory. The general overseeing of our production facility and the involvement with our customers forms my initial duties.

I believe all our customers should feel involved throughout the creation and development processes of their jobs in order stimulate a more personalized feeling, regardless of the size of job. By initiating this, my customers will be sure they are receiving exactly what they want.

Over the years, we have built a reputation of being one of the premier printing companies in Trinidad and I intend to uphold this stature to the best of my ability to continue providing exceptional quality and customer service to our markets”

Mr. Rishi Balramsingh
Marketing Manager, BA Marketing Management

Many people believe that marketing is solely about advertising and promoting a company’s image, but marketing is so much more. As marketing manager at MAC, I have grown to understand that marketing is more about the process where goods and services move from concept to customer, and within recent times it contributes to the development of new products and innovative ideas to develop information about the needs and requirements of our customers.

Marketing for me has become more about propelling the company rather than just about boosting sales or selling a “cookie-cut” company image. Marketing at mischief is diverse and within my department, I am constantly researching new and fresh ways to diversify our company in order to meet and satisfy the needs and wants of both our consumers and society.

Mr. Shiva Singh
Production Manager

“I have been attached to the company since its inception in 1996, and I have worked my way up the ladder to reach this position. With over 20+ years in the industry and within this field, production has become my specialty. With the knowledge I have acquired over my time here, I believe that we no longer have the need for trial and error or testing phases at this stage in our life cycle.

The machinery and equipment we have at our production facility is top notch and doesn’t require much human interaction, therefore the digital quality work that leaves our doors are usually always with happily satisfied customers. As production manager at Mischief, my duty is to ensure that all jobs are created and finished with the same level of attention and detail to promote equal standards of quality throughout our performance”